opinion : Tunisia media scene is still suffering


“ I think that the revolution gave the Tunisia medias a lot of freedom and helped them to break the silence . But at the same time media scene is still suffering from the absence of a legal framework governing journalistic work. This underlines the need for a legal framework regulating the work of journalists and agreed ethics” .

 Marwen ben sghaier

What makes someone a social media expert?


 Social media expert is a very vague term and the “in” thing to say at job interviews. Most small businesses looking to do “social media” will hire anyone who touts words like “blogging, facebook, twitter, followers, social media expert”. Hence, you will see anybody use this term.

But, a true social media expert must have and be able to do the following things:
– have a blog and be writing on it regularly
– be in the social realm for at least 2+ years
– their answer to “what is social media” should include more than “facebook, twitter and blogging”.
– must know how to execute a social media campaign
– must know how to monitor a social media campaign
– must be familiar with various tools, know how to use them together
– must know how to build a following organically. Anybody can buy twitter followers or YouTube likes. But, bought “followers” and “likes” don’t generate .
– knows that social media and seo are not the same and understands how they compliment each other.
– they should also have a fun personality. A serious c-level executive type personality normally does not do well in the social realm.

                                                                     Marwen Ben sghaier