Using Social Media in Journalism


New Internet technologies are changing journalism


Second Life

Social media are Internet sites where people interact freely, sharing and discussing information about each other and their lives, using a multimedia mix of personal words, pictures, videos and audio. At these Web sites, individuals and groups create and exchange content and engage in person-to-person conversations. 

Social media appear in many forms including blogs and microblogs, forums and message boards, social networks, wikis, virtual worlds, social bookmarking, tagging and news, writing communities, digital storytelling and scrapbooking, and data, content, image and video sharing, podcast portals, and collective intelligence. 

There are lots of well-known sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, LiveJournal, Wikipedia, Wetpaint, PBworks, Wikidot, Second Life, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Lulu and others. 

13 ways journalists use social media

  • Uncovering news tips
  • Gathering content for stories
  • Pursuing news sources and staying in touch
  • Reaching out and connecting with people
  • Friending or following influential community people
  • Discussing social and political trends
  • Learning how people feel about happenings
  • Sharing links to key resources
  • Reporting and clarifying rumors
  • Creating and circulating stories
  • Exploring significant comments and replies to know more
  • Interacting with readers, listeners and viewers
  • Promoting publication and production projects

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